Basking Draca (CK06)

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Basking Draca (CK06)

Each Crystal has a protector, a special Keeper of its magical gifts. Crystal Keepers dwell in the Unseen World around us, waiting to help when we need a Crystal's inspiration to achieve personal goals and special dreams. Ask your crystal's Keeper to share its special magic! There are 12 Crystal Keepers in the range, all lovingly designed by world renowned fantasy artist, Anne Stokes. Each is supplied with a matching 18" chain and a satin drawstring keepsake pouch. Superbly crafted in brass, the silver plated Crystal Keepers are highly detailed and very attractive. The crystals are man-made in the fashion of Swarovski. This is a gorgeous necklace, the dragon is basking in glory protecting his treasure of a large, smoky amber coloured stone. The piece can be worn for money and good luck. It measures 40 x 30mm